Benchmark Properties

About us

New York City is located on a small island, but few have mistaken the city’s size for a weakness. In fact, most recognize the dynamic energy of the city to be its greatest strength and acknowledge New York as the world’s commerce capital.

Benchmark Properties was formed as an energetic, vibrant real estate advisory company to service the dynamic businesses that are at the center of this incredible hub.

Organizations large and small have set up shop in New York for their staff and operations. As these companies focus on what makes them great, they have looked to Benchmark to help them establish an imprint through their office space. Regardless of their industry, every organization's home speaks volumes about the identity, character and culture of the way they work. At Benchmark, we are committed to helping our clients locate, secure and manage their ideal office space. Often, this is done through the acquisition of new space, renegotiation for existing offices, or even through disposition of some excess spaces. We work with clients to help understand marketplace conditions, minimize occupancy costs, maximize the quality of their building and spaces, and navigate through the legal and construction processes that are associated with these steps. Nothing says more about our strengths than testimonials from past clients. We take great pride in maintaining a pristine reputation with our business partners, particularly the brokerage and Landlord community. Doing so enables us to execute strategies and transactions for our clients that stand the test of time. Find out more about us by giving us a call. We hope to make our own imprint.