With their lease coming up and area rental rates climbing, Guilford began a search to find a new home.  After over 25 years in Soho, they decided to evaluate other neighborhoods.  Benchmark was able to assemble a comprehensive selection of quality spaces in various neighborhoods for their consideration, identifying options from the Financial District to the Upper West Side.  In the end, Guilford chose a half floor at 7 Penn Plaza, a top quality building with an impressive new lobby that gave them the ability to design brand new custom space from scratch, built and funded by the landlord, at an attractive rental rate.  In addition to crafting a thoroughly negotiated term sheet, Benchmark acted alongside Guilford’s legal counsel to advocate on our client’s behalf.  Working under a tight timeframe to complete the project, Benchmark teamed with Guilford’s architect, contractor and furniture consultants to ensure a timely move-in.

Image Credit: Acheson Doyle Partners Architects